\\ 8.1.2019
SanMarco in mostra agli Horti Farnesiani

\\ 14.1.2019
Speciale Klimahouse 2019 – Terreal Italia presenta nuove texture in terracotta per l’interior design e altri sistemi di involucro

\\ 4.2.2019
Terracotta SanMarco per gli ambienti interni di AC HOTEL VENEZIA by MARRIOTT

\\ 5.3.2019
“Inspiration terracotta”: i nuovi linguaggi dell'architettura

\\ 7.3.2019
I nuovi colori della terracotta d’interior firmata Terreal Italia agli eventi del FuoriSalone 2019 di Milano

\\ 18.4.2019
Giovani architetti, ingegneri e geometri a scuola con Terreal Italia

\\ 19.4.2019
La Terracotta contemporanea di Terreal che piace ai designer d’interior

\\ 17.5.2019
L'emozione per la terracotta raccontata da Francesco Cotone

\\ 22.5.2019
Terreal per l’ambiente. Presentato alla Biennale di Venezia il progetto dell’Università finlandese di Aalto

\\ 6.6.2019
Un nuovo modo di fare Camping a Marina di Venezia: terracotta SanMarco per 32 patio houses progettate da Matteo Thun & Partners

\\ 12.6.2019
Terracotta colorata Terreal Italia al Chiostro di San Salvatore in Lauro a Roma

\\ 17.7.2019
QAD_Quaderni d’Architettura e Design: la terracotta, l’architettura e i suoi Quaderni

\\ 29.7.2019
A settembre riparte da Bari il tour di convegni formativi THE PLAN, sponsorizzati da Terreal Italia

\\ 22.10.2019
Su ArchDaily, uno spazio dedicato ai prodotti Terreal Italia

\\ 11.12.2019
Addio ad Antonio Monestiroli: maestro dell’architettura italiana

\\ 22.1.2020

\\ 4.2.2020

\\ 16.3.2020
Terreal Italia risponde ai questiti sulla riqualificazione energetica ed estetica degli edifici

\\ 7.4.2020
#PASQUA2020 - Tempo di auguri, tempo di Rinascita!


\\INTERNATIONAL\\ Terreal Italia close a partnership agreement with Theca and enters officially into Australian market

\\INTERNATIONAL\\ Terreal Italia close a partnership agreement with Theca and enters officially into Australian market

Terreal Italia is one of the biggest manufacturer of terracotta products in Italy.
Operating with 4 production plants under the commercial brands SanMarco and Pica we are able to supply to our customers a vast range of roofing tiles and facing bricks to complete the building case and to supply slip bricks and floor tiles for interior design and decoration. For more details please visit www.sanmarco.it.

Terreal Italia is part of the International French Group Terreal since 2000.
At TERREAL, we make and sell construction products for building envelopes that meet the challenge of sustainable development.
Our mission? To work every day to develop local areas and promote sustainable, beautiful and functional housing that respects both people and the environment. Working with clay and letting it inspire us – to change the everyday into something unique.
Terreal has annual sales of approximately €347 million and nearly 2,450 employees around the world.

Theca is the Australian partner of Terreal Italia and is representing the most innovative and product-oriented companies from Italy, all of them coming from the building materials market sector.
For more details please visit www.theca.com.au.

Paolo Aschieri, Executive Director for THECA says: “In a world where we all need to pay more attention to the footprint of our actions on the environment, we select Manufacturers with sustainable products. We focus on innovative solutions, keeping Australian building industry up-to-date with the current European technologies and designs”.
Theca Australia office is located in Bundoora VIC and operates on the markets of Australia and New Zealand. Thanks to the presence in several States of a State Manager, Theca is able to assist Key Accounts with anything related to Terreal Italia.
Luca Lafleur, Export sales & Marketing Manager for Terreal says: “Market orientation, innovation research, sustainable development are the pillars for both the companies  and are at the base of our partnership  for the distribution of our products into the Australian market.  We believe to have all the chances to became an undisputed  reference on the market for Terracotta products”.

We welcome all of your request for information or details.


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